Who is riya sen dating

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Who is riya sen dating

In fact, the most successful movies of her career came out during this phase.

But the lull in her love life was soon about to be broken by none other than Booker prize winning author Salman Rushdie.

John was not a very popular face at that time and was more commonly known for appearing in music videos than movies.

In spite of that, John was really very keen on settling down with Riya but her film career just took off and she was swift in rejecting his proposal and they both parted ways very soon, soundling ending any and all hopes of a John Abraham Riya Sen marriage..[Read More: Bipasha Basu’s Marriage] Riya was on track with her career in Bollywood despite most of her movies being either a flop or a mediocre success at the box office.

In the year 2005, she starred along with Ashmit Patel (Amisha Patel’s younger brother), in a film The two co-actors grew quite close to each other and soon by the end of the film’s shooting were dating each other.

Riya seemed to fit the bill for Yuvraj, since she was an actress, was single and was of his age.

It is said that such was the influence of Yuvraj’s flirtations that Riya, who had come to the party in her own car, exited it hand-in-hand in Yuvraj’s vehicle.

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When Riya was quizzed about it she gave the run-of-the-mill answer i.e.

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