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Who is richard kruspe dating

“Just as we put as much effort into the photos, the lights, the videos because we know that they all belong together.

Every element has its part to play and supports each other.” “You can’t force people to react a certain way to what you put in front of them,” adds Landers.

I started to write music and sooner or later I realized that I had to do something that I always had wanted to do, basically singing.

At a relatively short notice I was informed that the Rammstein guitarist Richard Z Kruspe would be in town talking about his new solo project Emigrate, of which only few dedicated Rammstein fans will have heard so far, and considering how big of an effect into the modern music scene his main band has had so far, it would've been approaching idiocy to miss the chance to probe him about his new solo project and how it affects his relationship with the Rammstein guys.

I was walked into a fancy bar of an equally fancy hotel, where Mr Kruspe was meeting with the biggest music media in Denmark, including Soundvenue, Gaffa, Heavyjam and of course yours truly.

Richard Z Kruspe cutting in: I will say 31st of August because this record has been ready for a year, so I don't want to think it's september [laughs]. We really took our time to basically put a team together that could survive another 3-4 years.

These days, music industry is changing so fast that if you sign on a big major label, you don't know if they will be there in the next two weeks.

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At this time, I'm in some unbalanced situation with Rammstein, and I felt I had to distance myself a little bit from the band. So I needed to move out, needed to have a challange. So when I came to New York I was re-inspired by the city, by all the experience and new influence that I got from the city.