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Description: In this IBM® Redbooks® publication we introduce the IBM Storwize® V7000 Unified (V7000U).

Storwize V7000 Unified is a virtualized storage system designed to consolidate block and file workloads i...

The two XSS vulnerabilities were discovered in two different gem packages: delayed_job_web and rails_admin.

Ruby is widely used as a language for web development.

I'm not sure of installing peer, but I understand that this should work for the customer.

Thank you PS: There is no firewall or anything else limiting the connection between the virtual machines.

Make sure to specify the interface vmkernel dating the -I spend when you run vmkping: 1.An exploitable XSS vulnerability exists in the filter functionality of the delayed_job_web rails gem version 1.4.A specially crafted URL can cause an XSS flaw resulting in an attacker being able to execute arbitrary javascript on the victim’s browser.Specifically, you will need to have in place a Cache Server (sorry - I know that the term "Server" is overloaded way here).Anyway, the Cache Server is what it takes to run and that the client connects to.

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Rails is a Ruby framework designed to create web services or web pages.

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