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When trying to connect to the i Tunes Store this afternoon, I could not connect and I got an error from i Tunes stating that my connection timed out and that there was an unknown error -9808.

So I did a bit of Googling and came up with a few solutions.

The same analogy could be used in the sister/sista terminology btw.

There are many things that sound alike and have similar spellings that don't mean the same thing, hell, there are some words with the same spelling that have different meaning: Trick/trick- one definition is a cause an illusion to fool, another urban definition is one that like to spend money on women, bitch /bitch- one definition is a female dog, another is either a promiscuous woman or a female asshole (asshole as in heartless idiot not anus).

Yes, just as stupid as some people who make that same mistake with nigger/nigga.

–Aliméntelo cada tres horas con leche maternizada para gatitos en una jeringa, hasta que se harte.

No le de leche de vaca, puede provocarle peligrosas diarreas, pero en caso de urgencia puede emplear una medida de leche normal desnatada rebajada con dos de agua.

There are so many things in the English language that have different meaning and are the same word, or have different spelling and mean the same thing ( ie blond/blonde).

In fact, the English language is filled with paradoxes like for instance the pronunciations of rhyming words like "no, go, so, and yo," have similar endings with the "o" sound regardless of changing the the consonants in front, but yet in certain words like "do and to," the same logic was applied but yet the pronunciation changed from "o" to "u." That's the English language, it's insane and filled with paradoxes, and to make matter worse, slangs and ebonics confuse definitions even more.

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  2. We were both adults and had relationships of our own, but we always made sure to leave some room for alone brother sister time. I am not suggesting that my brother and I spent nights of lovemaking and fucking. And I will admit that my brother's cock would get me wet, as he'd stroll around the room.