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The Masculinity index (MAS), the third highest Hofstede Dimension is 52, only slightly higher than the 50.2 average for all the countries included in the Hofstede MAS Dimension.

This would indicate that while women in the Arab World are limited in their rights, it may be due more to Muslim religion rather than a cultural paradigm.

These populations have an expectation and acceptance that leaders will separate themselves from the group and this condition is not necessarily subverted upon the population, but rather accepted by the society as their cultural heritage.Many Bedouin Arabs reside the Sinai Peninsula and along the Red Sea coast, across from Arabia.Egypt is almost identical to other Arab countries their Muslim faith plays a large role in the people’s lives.It’s northern boarder is the Mediterranean Sea, on the east lies Israel and the Red Sea, Sudan is to it’s south, and on the west is Libya.The land of the Nile River, Egypt is the cradle of one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations and has a recorded history that dates from approximately 3200 BC.

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Islam is an Arabic word which means peace, love and complete submission and obedience to God. Islam is the religion that a Muslim follows, just as Christianity is the religion which a Christian follows.