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She said she sprinted to her car, and Nowak attempted to open the car door and beat on her window, then spun a tale of being a helpless traveler who was afraid of being in a dark parking lot.Shipman said she cracked her window, and Nowak sprayed her in the face with pepper spray.Becton participated in a community forum earlier this month along with four other finalists for the position, where they answered questions about how they would react when confronted with complex cases.

Shipman, and you are 100 percent responsible." In addition, Nowak must complete an eight-hour anger management course within her first 30 days of probation, Lubet said.

When asked about youthful offenders, Becton said, “I can’t think of really an instance where it would be appropriate to have a young person committed to prison without a possibility of parole in their lifetime.” She also mentioned her involvement in the Colin Kaepernick-funded Know Your Rights Camp and the Ceasefire effort.

“There were problems identified between our youth and law enforcement. I’ve done that in the churches and in the faith community,” Becton said.

She was given credit for the two days she served in the county jail after her arrest.

Nowak, 46, must also perform 50 hours of community service and have no contact with the victim in the case, former Air Force Capt. She must also send Shipman a letter of apology within 10 days, "a sincere letter of apology, not one of these vanilla things that I see from other defendants," Lubet told Nowak.

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"I had no idea that a highly paid, high-ranking military officer had just attacked me." When she found out she had been attacked by a "sister in arms," she said, she was heartbroken.