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Demographics According to the official censuses in Serbi and Montenegro from 20, the total population of Sandžak is 420,259 people.The population of the Serbian part of Sandžak is 235,567 people, while the population of the Montenegrin part of Sandžak is 184,692 people.Nevertheless, they retained many of their Albanian traditions, especially in the eastern parts of Sandžak, and some older Bosniaks of Albanian ancestry even speak fluent Albanian to this day.The last segment of Sandžak Bosniaks arrived from several other places.A number of group killings of Bosniaks occurred 1992–1995, with the most notable ones being the cases of , who is the Deputy President of the Parliament of Montenegro.Also, the census data shows a general emigration of all nationalities from this underdeveloped region.There are numerous colonies of Sandžak Bosniaks in Turkey, in and around of the 1990s left Sandžak largely unscathed, although the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo led to ethnic tensions and (in the latter case) bombing by NATO forces.According to Sandžak Bosniak political parties, some 60,000-80,000 Bosniaks emigrated from the region during this period, as a result of oppression and police raids throughout Sandžak.

In Serbia, the municipalities of Novi Pazar and Tutin are included into the region was part of the Serb state of Raška.Note Most of the ethnic Bosniaks declared themselves as Muslims by religion in 1991 census.In 2002/2003 censuses, most of them declared themselves as Bosniaks, but there are also those who still declare themselves as Muslims by nationality.According to the 2002/2003 censuses, , Roma, Turks etc.)Ethnic groups in Serbian part of Sandžak:* Bosniaks = 134,128 (56.94%)* Serbs = 89,396 (37.95%)* Muslims by nationality = 8,222 (3.49%)* Montenegrins = 928 (0.40%)* Others Ethnic groups in Montenegrin part of Sandžak:* Serbs = 63,429 (34.34%)* Bosniaks = 58,898 (31.89%)* Montenegrins = 27,510 (14.89%)* Muslims by nationality = 18,817 (10.19%)* Others The municipalities with Bosniak ethnic majority are: Tutin (94.23%), Rožaje (82.09%), Novi Pazar (76.28%), Sjenica (73.34%), and Plav (50.73%).The municipalities with Serb ethnic majority are: Nova Varoš (90.09%), Priboj (74.15%), Pljevlja (59.52%), and Prijepolje (56.82%).

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The ethnically mixed municipalities with relative Serb ethnic majority are: Bijelo Polje (36.31%) and Berane (41.43%).