Rabbi zecharia wallerstein dating and marriage Free itouch sex chat roomd

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Rabbi zecharia wallerstein dating and marriage

The show also bragged to be "an hour of your life you'll never get back". Weprin helped sheppard a hertofore unavailable legal mesure into law.The Jerry Springer Show has received widespread criticism and caused many controversies for a variety of reasons including its elements of prurience, explicit language and the exploitation of the vulnerable.[3] Hey birdbrain,the Jerry Springer show is a commercial enterprise, of the entertainment variety! He crossed a line, few in the orthodox community dared cross. I might add that if he caved so easily on this issue, there is no reason to think that he wont cave on every issue down the line.

New York - A Brooklyn rabbi who confesses that he knows absolutely nothing about Bob Turner, put out an automated phone call paid for by the National Organization for Marriage endorsing the Republican candidate for the congressional seat vacated by Anthony Weiner to make a public statement against Democrat David Weprin, an Orthodox Jew who came out in support of gay marriage.

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Its refreshing to know that there are rabbonim who will blindly endorse a candidate on a single issue without even knowing the candidate and his other positions on matters of potentially even greater importance to yidden living in that district.

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