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You’re getting your child familiar with sounds, words, language and, eventually, the value and joy of books.

This all builds your child’s early literacy skills, like the ability to listen to and understand words.

"In a language simple but yet profound, the master Osho indicates the art of 'dying' by learning how to live in the here and now, the eternal life." Content : In this question-and-answer series Osho talks on a diversity of subjects from science and meditation, personality and essence, to homosexuality, witnessing, salvation and silence.

The answer is here, in his own provocative words: "To go beyond enlightenment is to go beyond individuality and become universal." Osho responds to questions on topics ranging from the intimate to the universal, from religion to philosophy, from present-day politics to his own childhood experiences, from enlightenment to what lies beyond.

Your reading and writing can be as simple as reading magazines or newspapers and writing shopping lists or messages for your partner or children.

There are so many books to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start.

And in the first verse of their song, "Only a connoisseur of the flavors of love can comprehend the language of a lover's heart" is revealed the essence of their religion.

Osho explains their view of sex, their concept of the body as a temple and their secret of surrender to God, to the Beloved, to "the essential man" who lives within us all.

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