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That means not just how they save, spend, and invest but also what they worry about, what they fight about, and even how happy they are in their relationships.

“Traditionally women’s income was ‘pin money,’ used for extras like shoes or kids’ braces,” says Liza Mundy, author of What’s clear from the MONEY survey is that this transformation extends far beyond the numbers in the family’s bank account.

“Money management is still a role men pride themselves on,” says Seattle sociologist Pepper Schwartz, co-author of .

What’s apparent is that while men typically feel ownership in the family’s finances no matter how much they earn, women often need to be making a direct and substantial monetary contribution before they feel the same.

“She seems to really like doing the finances—and she’s better at it than I am.” The growing number of wives who, like Jehan Chase, make as much as or more than their husbands is having a profound impact on the way that married couples manage their money and how they feel about their financial union.

When husbands are the bigger earners, they take the lead in managing the couple’s money—especially in their own estimation.

When asked who is primarily responsible for major decisions about retirement planning and portfolio management, for example, six in 10 higher-earning men claimed the title, with only 39% saying they share the role with their wife.

“I thought it would be nice not to have that responsibility,” she says. Instead, Jehan, 44, stayed single until two years ago; by then she’d built a successful career as a government attorney and had become accustomed to managing her own money.

After her marriage to Seth, 40, an advocate for a nonprofit who makes a good deal less than she does, Jehan continued to take the lead in managing money for the Alexandria, Va., couple—partly out of convenience, since Seth already had his hands full taking care of his disabled mother and sister, and partly because she didn’t want to cede control.

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And husbands, by and large, appear pleased with the results.

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